WordPress is the go-to web platform for millions of users around the world! SiteGround is proud to provide a secure and reliable hosting service, giving all WordPressers access to powerful tools they need creating amazing websites.

Expert WordPress Hosting

SiteGround understands the importance of speed, security and customer service for your WordPress site. We provide unparalleled protection with unique server-level customizations and automatic updates to keep your content secure. Additionally, we upgrade our hardware regularly which results in an incredibly fast loading website that boasts a SuperCacher feature – taking it’s performance up to 100x faster! And if you ever need help or guidance?

Our expert team provides dedicated 24/7 support – so no matter what time zone you’re in; there will always be someone on hand ready to assist! Make sure your WordPress hosting is SiteGround worthy today.

WordPress tutorial and knowledgebase articles

If it’s your first time using WordPress, you don’t have to worry! SiteGround offers detailed tutorials for everything from installation and theme changes, to plugins management, backup creation, and more. Even experienced users can benefit with their unique tweaks – all available in the convenient Knowledgebase. So make sure to check out both resources when navigating this popular software platform!

Free WordPress themes

SiteGround provides webmasters with a plethora of design options to choose from. The experts have developed and optimized solutions that can be free customized for any WordPress site in order to create the perfect look and feel for your online presence.

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