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Businesses everywhere are in need of a jumpstart - and digital solutions are the answer!

Bohdan Savchuk was passionate about helping businesses reach their full potential. He believed the combination of SEO and web design could be a powerful catalyst for growth!

After four years of hard work, the vision became a reality as Kobzza SEO Agency opened its doors to businesses in need of search engine optimization. Fuelled by dedication and late-night epiphanies, this agency is now making waves across industries!

Our company has come a long way since its inception, and we have surrounded ourselves with an amazing team working on exciting projects. Looking to the future, our growth is limitless!

We aspire to be Canada’s most-loved SEO & Web Design agency, and we can’t wait for the chance to showcase our skills on a global scale!

Let us join forces on the journey towards success!

We promote change. A brand can connect with its customers, captivate their hearts, minds, and perform multi channel conversions.

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    Talented team of experts
    Our global presence means that we are well-equipped to provide the highest level of service for every size business, from small start-ups to multi-national organizations.
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    Flawlessly fast delivery
    We’re geared for speed, but we’re also committed to helping you find the best solution in any circumstanceand every project.
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    Made-to-measure solutions
    We are committed to understanding the unique demands of each client and providing guidance throughout the entire transaction cycle.

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Located in Calgary, AB nationally focused.

Our location has given us a vantage point for keeping up with trends & continuing to be at the forefront of the evolving industries
Number of employees in core business.
We have undertaken almost 100 projects in Canada & USA.

Trusted by 100+ companies worldwide

Meet The Company leadership.

It’s a team of SEO Experts, web designers, and marketers, all sharing a commitment to solve our clients’ most important problems.

Bohdan Savchuk

Owner, Lead SEO Strategist

Driving the search engine optimization strategies that help businesses reach their highest potential.

Daria Savchuk

Marketing/Account Manager

Marketing maverick who excels at coordinating successful campaigns and achieving stunning results.

Anastasiia Platmir

Social Media Specialist

Expertly crafting meaningful and engaging conversations in the digital world.

Max Osinsky

Business Development

Passionate professional, focused on helping businesses and organizations reach their full potential. 

Nataliia Lypovenko

Marketing Specialist

Creative eye and knack for finding what works best, she consistently comes up with inventive solutions.

Alexei Lypovenko

Designer & Developer

Blending the creative and technical skills of design with development to create beautiful websites.

Eldar Borovskyy

SEO Specialist

Expert on optimizing website search engine performance, helping to ensure that relevant content.

Inna Anderson

content writer

Brings a unique perspective to all of her work, crafting stories and articles with care and finesse.