How to Import Fonts into Figma?

Figma has become an essential tool for UI/UX designers, offering extensive features that support creativity and collaboration. Among these features, the ability to use custom fonts is particularly valuable, allowing designers to create unique and engaging designs. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to import fonts into Figma.

Importing fonts into Figma is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can do it:

1) Select a Text Layer

First, select a text layer in your Figma file. You can do this by clicking on the text you want to change or by creating a new text layer using the Text tool (shortcut: T).

How to Import Fonts into Figma

2) Access the Font Menu

With the text layer selected, you’ll see the text properties panel on the right side of the Figma interface. At the top of this panel, you’ll find the font name. Click on the font name to open the font menu.

How to Import Fonts into Figma

3) Find More Fonts

In the font menu, you’ll see a list of fonts available in Figma. To import a new font, click on the “More Fonts” option at the bottom of the list. This will open a new browser tab/window.

How to Import Fonts into Figma?

4) Google Fonts Integration

By default, Figma integrates with Google Fonts. In the Google Fonts website, you can browse through a vast collection of fonts. Use the search bar or filters to find the font you want to import.

How to Import Fonts into Figma?

5) Select Font

Once you’ve found the font you want to use, click on it. After that click on the “Get font” button and download it. Unpack the font and use it. 

Import Fonts into Figma
How to Import Fonts into Figma?

6) Return to Figma

After adding the font, return to the Figma tab/window. You might need to refresh the font menu by closing and reopening it to see the newly added font. If it doesn’t work, close and open the application/website.

7) Apply Font

With the font imported, you can now select it from the font menu and apply it to your text layers in Figma.


That’s it! You’ve successfully imported a new font into Figma and can use it in your designs. Remember that imported fonts are available only within the Figma file where you imported them. You can also use other sites to download fonts.

Importing and using custom fonts in Figma can significantly enhance your design projects, giving them a unique touch and aligning them more closely with your or your client’s brand identity. By following the straightforward steps outlined above, you can seamlessly integrate any font into your Figma workspace, ensuring your designs stand out in the digital landscape.

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