Anxiety and stress have become common in everyday modern life. In the 21st century workplace, stress and anxiety have become all too common. Unfortunately for employers, this can lead to decreased productivity and lost profits due to increased absenteeism, as well as difficulty concentrating at work.According To Mental Health America (MHA), managing these demands is paramount in order for businesses to be successful; Research shows that over 80% of those surveyed claim their relationships with friends family or co-workers are affected by job related tension while a further 71% report they find it difficult stay focused on tasks – 6 % higher than 2020 figures suggest! Anxiety symptoms include heart palpitations , rapid breathing restlessness insomnia  and mental blockages amongst many other uncomfortable feelings.


What is an Anxiety App?

Experience relief from anxious thoughts and feelings in the comfort of your own home with anxiety apps. With just a few minutes on your mobile device, explore an array of helpful exercises-such as meditation sessions, calming tracks, breath work practices, mood monitoring tools and sleep therapy courses – all designed to help you break free from anxiety attacks. Anxiety apps make it easier for anyone trying to cope with mental health issues get easy access support right at their fingertips!

Why You Should Download an Anxiety App

Anxiety apps are a great way to find tailored mental health services, as well as provide relief from the worries associated with seeking help in person. Not only can they assist you on your journey towards better emotional wellbeing – but there are numerous other potential benefits too! These include alleviating depression and anxiety symptoms – allowing for more manageable stress levels and improved quality of life.

Best Free Apps for Anxiety in 2023

If you’re struggling with anxiety, depression or insomnia and need assistance, why not try one of these free apps for a helping hand? You could be just moments away from feeling calmer and more restful.

1. Mindshift

MindShift CBT is here to support you in managing stress and anxiety! This comprehensive app uses established techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help reduce your worries. Investigate what works for you with the user-friendly interface, daily check-ins, mood tracking tools, facts & tips for overcoming common anxieties such as social anxiety or perfectionism. You can also set goals and make use of coping cards + statements when feeling overwhelmed; access guided relaxations/meditations; plus helpful tips & tricks that will enable a better understanding of both one’s self and their anxiousness. Allowing our users the opportunity to thrive mentally is at the heart of MindShift CBT – start taking control now!

 Available on: iOS and Android.

 2. Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is a self-care app designed specifically to help people manage the pressures of daily life. By offering guided meditations that center around sleep, productivity, anxiety reduction and more – this free resource empowers users with invaluable tools for improving all aspects of their mental health. Whether you need some extra support as an adult, teen or child – Smiling Mind has dedicated programs available so everyone can reap its calming benefits!

Available on: iOS and Android.

3. Dare: Panic & Anxiety Relief

Dare App is your companion in conquering stress, worry and sleepless nights. Its interactive design offers users information on anxiety alongside various exercises to tackle their concerns head-on. Get guided meditations right at hand or download Dare’s free audio guides for an extra touch of calm – you’ll be sleeping peacefully before bedtime! Plus, with a monthly rate of only $9.99, relaxation just became even more accessible!

Available on: iOS and Android.

4. Stop Panic & Anxiety Self-Help

It’s normal to feel anxious sometimes– but when it turns into something more, find relief with the Stop Panic & Anxiety Self-Help app. Get practical tools for managing symptoms of panic and learn techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that can help you gain control over your feelings. Maintain a mood log, set healthy goals and take advantage of relaxation stories or mindfulness audios anytime you need them!

Available on: Android.

5. Bearable

Bearable is the perfect health-tracking companion to understand and manage your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. From tracking moods & symptoms to identifying triggers or understanding correlations between habits and health conditions – Bearable makes it easy for users with customizable features like synced data from Apple Health Kit, reminders for diary entries & medications; all while being able to visualize trends through graphs & calendars! Best of all? It’s free (or upgrade any time) starting at just $4.49/month if you need premium benefits on top of basic functionality!


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