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Web Development


Sky Design Consulting – Website

The Outcome

Our client’s success story started with us. We gave them the digital revamp they needed to make a lasting impression – creating a website that oozed credibility and sped up their sales process. To add further value, we implemented SEO optimization and accompanied it all by launching Google Ads campaigns – ensuring our client would have an enviable online presence for maximum visibility!

The Outcome

Sky Design Consulting recently underwent a modern makeover, and the results have been astounding! We’ve implemented clever SEO tactics to ensure our position as a leader in this competitive industry. As expected, these innovative changes led to an impressive surge of website traffic that we couldn’t be more pleased with.

Bohdan and his team at Kobzza provide a unique blend of vital web-design, U/X, marketing skills – combined with exceptional customer service. His capacity to break down intricate issues into actionable solutions has brought successful results time after time. Whether you’re looking for small business support or expertise on an international scale – let the knowledgeable professionals from Kobzza take your website reach new heights! I’m confident in recommending them as top contenders for any progress towards achieving online success!

Victoria Dralyuk – Founder & Interior Designer